The purpose of SSR S.p.A., set up on 11/08/2000 and accredited by the Regional Health Service on 3 July 2014, is to manage healthcare services and integrated healthcare services for the individual.

Within this framework, the company has an agreement with the Provincial Health Authority of Messina to provide in-clinic and in-home rehabilitation services, pursuant to art. 26 of Law no. 833/78. These include speech therapy, psychomotor therapy, psychotherapy, education, kinesiotherapy/neuromotor re-education, occupational ssr sisifo

Rehabilitation services are guaranteed by around 150 professional figures (106 employees and 40 self-employed operators), who form the team required to deal with the full range of user needs (physiatrists, child neuropsychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, neuropsychomotor therapists, physiotherapists and pedagogists).

Outpatient and home care services are currently provided by the following rehabilitation centres:

  • Centro di Riabilitazione di Messina – Via Stazione Contesse 63 – Messina
  • Centro di Riabilitazione Di Barcellona P.G. – Via Caduti sul Lavoro 35 - Barcellona P.G. (ME)
  • Centro di Riabilitazione di Patti – Contrada S. Spirito snc - Patti (ME)
  • Centro di Riabilitazione di Capo D’Orlando – Contrada S. Lucia - Capo D’Orlando (ME)
  • Centro di Riabilitazione di Nizza – Contrada Olivarella snc – Nizza di Sicilia (ME)
  • Centro di Riabilitazione di Villafranca – Via Quasimodo snc - Villafranca Tirrena (ME)